So, you have a business, and you are looking for a commercial space for rent in Australia? Or maybe you just want to change your current location? Our team has prepared a selection of recommendations for you. Here’s what you need to consider when deciding to rent a commercial space that favors your activity:

It is undeniable that for your business to run smoothly, the commercial space chosen is an element of prime importance. It must meet several conditions to meet all the specific needs of the main activities carried out in your business. If this not, the success of your business is highly affected. If you’re planning on moving your place of business before making a choice, make sure to consider the following:

Ease of Transition

When moving your business to a new place, it takes time to get used to the new space. When we talk about the costs of some offices, we do not refer only to rent. Each office park has its own rules regarding prices. Parking, access to a warehouse, administration, and cleaning are the expenses that we will have to take into account besides the rent itself. And those don’t include monthly utilities like water, electricity, and internet connectivity. Checking on lower costs on all of these can help reduce the burden of your business in making payments. Plus, it also reduces a large chunk of your expenses.

Space for Utility

At the same time, choosing “green” office parks that guarantee smaller monthly bills could help us to make substantial savings. When we are looking for a building, it is preferable to be interested in whether the building has a proper environment certification.

Easy access for employees and customers

One aspect that must be taken into account when choosing a location is easy to access for both customers and employees. This is especially true if your business does direct and physical transactions with your clients. This requires not just space but comfort for all stakeholders. You need to consider if you would need to make changes to expand a place for your clients, and you also need to consider if the space you’re going to get for a long term lease will cater to the needs of your customers/ clients as well as your staff.

If your business doesn’t require many physical interactions with your clients, then you can do away with having a smaller space that is sufficient for all your employees to work with ease.


Ideally, places of businesses should be found along major roadways. This makes it easy for both clients and employees to reach your headquarters. However, considering the overall cost of the company is also something you need to consider.

If your headquarters is located beyond the Central Business District but has lower monthly costs on bills and more, you can simply get a shuttle for your employees for easy access. This could be of considerably lower expense than staying right in the heart of the city center. However, if the cost of a shuttle service is higher or similar to staying in the central business district, it’s best to relocate. You should find a better, more accessible location for you and your employees.


Be interested in detail about the facilities of the property according to the needs of your business. You need to consider if you have everything you need or would still have to make changes or renovations on the property. Tailoring an existing property to suit your business may be difficult, but you need to weigh the overall costs of doing so.

Some businesses like spas or kinesiology clinics would often find the need to customize an apartment or an open space to suit their business. One factor to consider here is the ease of making these changes and whether or not the property owner will allow it.

Other than the facilities needed by your clients or customers, it would be best if you satisfy the needs of your employees. One great importance is the accessibility to proper washrooms and toilets, rest areas, smoking areas, and more!

Rent period

Monthly, quarterly, or annually. Payment terms are a primary factor in looking for an office space for rent. Property owners are given the discretion to increase the rent more than once in a 12-month time frame but with a 60 days notice prior to the implementation of the rent increase. When it comes to rent payments, it’s best that you would include a fixed-rate written in the contract.

Take these tips into account, and you will be one step closer to the commercial space of your dreams. If you’re having trouble looking for a commercial space for rent, simply give us a call at +61 7 3343 8000.